Led Battery Mirror

Our LED battery mirrors are quick and easy to install with no need for any additional wiring. Lumino battery mirrors come with all the same innovative options as our LED illuminated mirrors such as soft close doors, demister pads, shaving sockets, and more. Delivered pre-assembled, all our LED battery mirrors are quick and easy to install.
You can enhance your bathroom with the help of an LED mirror. These can dramatically transform a small sized suite into a larger and more welcoming space. Lumino make sure that all that products add a touch of luxury, and our LED mirrors are no exception.

LED bathroom mirrors are perfect for when you’re trying to fill space in your bathroom. With the energy efficient LED lights, Lumino’s mirrors offer all the functionality of LED illuminated mirrors without the challenge of installing a plug socket.

With additional features to make your bathroom experience run as smoothly as possible, many of our LED battery mirrors include a built in audio bluetooth technology which provides the latest in wireless technology and feature superior integrated stereo system that allows you to listen to the radio, or play music from your play list whilst you’re using the bathroom.

Another popular feature is a shaving socket, which is featured in the majority of our bathroom mirrors - the shaving socket is controlled by a safety isolator which is there for your protection. Colour changing mirrors are also available, as well as our motion sensor mirrors. Explore our range of innovative colour changing and motion sensor bathroom mirrors to bring a touch of class to your bathroom.

To avoid a smeared-up mirror after a bath or shower, our LED mirrors also include a demister feature which prevents mist from smearing up your mirror. This feature is designed to give you a clear reflection despite the warm conditions of a bathroom. This heated demister mirror tackles steam emission through the mirror’s infrared sensors and defog technology.

Whatever LED mirror you decide is right for you, we’ve got an expert team on hand to get it safely and efficiently to your door.